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  •  Pro-Life

Any life, regardless of age, gender, or race is one of value and purpose.

  • Pro-Community

We have to come together to address issues as a community, we have to get involved, foster relationships, and stand for the changes that we wish to see to implemented in our area.

  • Pro-Gun Rights

As an avid sportsman, I know the importance of preserving of our Second Amendment Rights and will vigilantly work to preserve that right.

  • Advocate for Law Enforcement

We need to make sure that those who risk their lives on a daily basis are equipped with the best, to ensure the safety of both officers and our community.

  • Advocate for Veteran's Affairs

Having family members who served in our armed forces, I know first hand the struggles they have faced when trying to seek care. Our President has started implementing policies that will help our veterans, but we have to make sure we hold our state accountable for the necessary changes to be made to our broken system.

  • Education Reform

It is no secret that we are behind nearly every other state when it comes to education. We are losing college graduates to our neighboring states, which is subsequently increasing their economy while our state's continues to decline. If we want to compete, we have to not only make sure that we are promoting higher education and trade schools to secure our state's future.

  • Small Business Regulation

Being a small business owner myself, I know the red tape that you have to go through to get a business up and running. We have to reduce the regulation on small businesses, and we have to modernize the processes in order to efficiently work alongside business owners. 

  • Taxes

Lets' face it no one likes to pay taxes, and the word tax-increase is something no hardworking American wants to hear. Whilst taxes are necessary to fund our governmental and infrastructure needs, we have to find other avenues to generate revenue instead of just passing it on to the hard working men and women of Louisiana. We have some of the highest tax rates in the Nation, however our firemen, police officers, and teachers are still underpaid.  It is time that we cut unnecessary taxes, put money back into peoples' pockets, which in turn will translate to more money being spent in our local communities.

Committee to Elect Drake Graves
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